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Kawaii Ringo is a cosplayer from the Springfield MO area. She has been making costumes since the mid 2000's. She also has attended many conventions since around the same time, mostly in the midwest area. She also is the founder/leader of KiRa-KiRa Springfield and a part of the Heroes Alliance where she does many charity events in various costumes.

Ringo has also successfully competed in several costume competitions over the past couple of years. Such as winning best in show in a few midwest cons and placing in the top 25 of the Otaku House Cosplay Idol in 2012 for North America.

Ringo is best known for her Princess Zelda costumes from The Legend of Zelda series, but she has a wide variety of other costumes. It includes characters from DC and Marvel comics, Disney, anime, manga, and other video games.


In the summer of 2015, Ringo was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. She had surgery to remove the entire thyroid, a parathyroid gland, and seventeen lymph nodes. A couple weeks after surgery, she had radiation treatment. She is not yet cancer free, but she is on her way there.


Outside of cosplay, Ringo is an avid gamer and mortuary student. Her favorite anime and manga is One Piece. Her favorite video game series would be The Legend of Zelda. She is a huge Nintendo fan, but also enjoys playing games on the PlayStation systems and her PC.

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